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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CAT Scan?

Computerized Axial Tomography, also known as CAT or CT scans, images your body in slices showing the structures in that area. A computer is used to provide clear, sharp images.
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What is an MRI?

MRI/MRA (Magnetic Resonance Imagings/Angiography) is a non-invasive procedure (no cut or surgical opening performed on the patient) that uses computers to obtain detailed images of your body. MRI does not use x-rays. It takes advantage of the water molecules in your body combined with a powerful magnetic unit and radio frequencies to obtain images. The body part to be examined is placed into a device called as MRI coil, which is used to transmit and receive signals from your body. A computer interprets the signals into a series of detailed images which is then transferred to a monitor or a sheet of film similar to x-ray film.
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